code : CC005

    This is cow 2-tone oil leather with combining smooth wrinkle design. The 2-tone effect can increase by stretching or mauling. Its thickness is about 1 mm.


    code : CV010

    It is drum dyed cow leather.Drum dying is a completely natural finishing process, withno paint being used. Leather absorbs the dye as different rates in different parts of the skin and between different skins,giving the leather a variation in colour.Thickness is about 1.8 mm.

    Japanese Vegetable Tanned Leather

    code : JPVEG

    Japanese vegetable tanned leather is cow skin imported from Japan, vegetable tan and water resistant finish.  Its thickness is between 1.8 – 2.0 mm.

    Sheep-Goat Lining Leather

    code : SGL

    Sheep – Goat Lining Leather  (Sheep skins and Goat skins). Soft and light weight lining leather for luxury shoes and bags…


    code : CC016

    VERONA Leather is Cow Hide Semi Vegetable Tanned Oil Leather. Cow hide imports from Japan. The combination of semi oil vegetable tan and synthetic syntan gives smooth tight surface characteristic dull finish with a little sheen look.  The last process with aniline finish contributes natural look. The thickness is about 1.5 mm. and the size […]

    Vintage Oil Wax Leather

    code : CC010

    Vintage Oil Wax leather is smooth 2-tone oil leather, cow hide. Pulling or Stretching will fade its color. Thickness is 1.4 mm.